My Priorities

Community engagement, public transparency, and sound fiscal solutions are key cornerstones in local government.


It is not uncommon for citizens to be mistrustful of governmental entities – when people don’t fully understand the reasons for fast or sudden changes. Developing public transparency also means delivering on accountability expectations. Citizens are always looking to see that the local government is putting their tax dollars to good use, and generally expect to see good reasoning for and positive outcomes from the decisions that are made.

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Commerce District

An effective community engagement strategy helps local governments to make more informed decisions. Not only does involving the public in decision-making help to create a shared vision for the community. It also creates better outcomes for people and places.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal health is critical because it underlies the ability of Whitefish Bay to provide public services—from economic development to public safety, social welfare, clean water, and more. Fiscal health tracking gives us a deeper understanding of the challenges that local governments face in collecting, using, and interpreting fiscal data, and promotes greater transparency and earlier detection of fiscal stress.

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Whitefish Bay is blessed to be on the shores of one of the largest bodies of freshwater in the United States–Lake Michigan. As stewards of our environment and to preserve this precious resource for future generations to enjoy, it is incumbent on Whitefish Bay residents to develop strategies and policies to address environmental issues.

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I have helped implement priorities like these during my tenure on multiple boards in my career. If elected, I will serve the Whitefish Bay community with the same integrity and passion that has guided me in the past.

Bruce’s Priorities in Detail

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Bruce Kruger

Candidate for WFB Village Board

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