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My wife and I have attended over 20 board meetings over the past two years and have a good insight into the process and the structure of the agendas. We have also attended committee meetings when there were items on the agenda of particular interest to us or would have a significant impact on our community, specifically Public Works Committee meetings and Community Development meetings.

I plan to involve residents in decision-making by communicating through group emails of individuals who have an ongoing interest in agenda items but may be unable to attend a meeting in person. The current Zoom meeting format does not allow for resident input during the meeting so collecting guidance in advance of the meeting via email would be beneficial for border input.

I believe our Silver Spring Business District is healthier than it has been in several years, however, there remain some major vacancies that are concerning such as the former Trouble and Sons space. The other concern is the long-term viability of the business since the turnover rate has been fairly high over the past decade, some of that as a result of the pandemic, however, there is a concern about how to recruit, stabilize, and ensure longer-term viability of businesses on Silver Spring. The success of recruiting and solidifying a business in the former Fox Bay Theatre space needs to be a major focus because of the impact on the business corridor.

I believe that continued focus on traffic in the village is a very important item that requires more planning and focus to reduce vehicular accidents and encourage alternative methods of transportation. Safety is paramount to residents and more comprehensive planning and mitigation should be a fairly high future priority. A local organization, WFB Safe has been documenting hazardous infrastructure issues and as a partner in planning and implementation could serve as a valuable resource for improved bicycling safety and pedestrian safety. A collaborative approach with our neighboring communities, Shorewood and Glendale would also be an effective alignment to improve the ability to commute safely regardless of the method utilized.

Four steps to improve fiscal health

  1. Review expenses and contracts for improved reduction in expenses.
  2. Evaluate the opportunity to cost share with adjacent municipalities for specific specialized services i.e. tree trimming, emerald ash borer treatments, refuse, and yard waste collection to name a few where opportunities may be realized.
  3. Revenue enhancement is sometimes overlooked in the budget process. Questions to be asked and answered are fees in line with the market and surrounding communities, are assessments on new construction timely and aligned with policy? Tax revenues are not the only source for municipal revenues although they are the predominant contributor.
  4. Grant revenues are plentiful but sometimes difficult opportunities to identify. Although the village has done quite well at obtaining funding from MMSD there are federal and state dollars that may be tapped to assist in future infrastructure projects that should be explored in detail.

You can find all the information you need about voting and registering here.

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